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SubjectRe: KNFSD bug w/Solaris 2.6 & automounter..
> kernel: RPC: bad TCP reclen 00000000<4>nfsd: terminating on error 5 

I'll answer this one, having asked it myself in the past...TCP NFSv2 mounts
still don't work. However, it still seems to want to try. You need to
explicitly mount with proto=udp on the Solaris side to avoid this problem.

Now that Alan is hacking into NFSv3, maybe these problems will go away
before 2.2. That is, shall we say, major good news. I worry a bit less
now, but the possibility of 2.2 going out with another poor NFS
implementation is still real, and it's not something we really want to have


Jonathan Corbet, Eklektix, Inc.

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