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    SubjectRe: ppp and 2.1.126/2.1.125
    On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Michael Talbot-Wilson wrote:

    > On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, flewid wrote:
    > > well, ive tried using 2.0.35 and ppp works just fine in 2.0.35, im using
    > > the 2.3.5 kernel drivers, and the 2.3.5 pppd binary, with 2.1.125 and
    > > 2.1.126, ive tried with 2.3.5 kernel drivers, and 2.3.5 pppd binary, ive
    > > also tried with the drivers that come with the kernel (2.3.3 i believe)
    > > still did'nt work, i also tried with 2.3.3 patched for glibc2 and for the
    > > 2.1.X kernels, and it still didn't work, i have /etc/modules.conf setup
    > What happens with Linux 2.1.122, with pppd-2.3.5 linked with glibc2
    > but not patched for glibc2, with the 2.3.3 kernel support and with
    > the kernel support included in the kernel (no module)?
    > You say it dials then "just sits there". Does it negotiate the link
    > before it just sits there? If not, what is being received at the
    > remote (ISP) end?

    well, for me it doesnt negotiate the link before it sits there. like it
    dials, then sits there. it seems to be a problem like setting up the
    default route, ive checked /etc/ to make sure the files in there are
    correct, and they seem to be, recently i tried using slip, but i can't get
    it working either, altho, i think its a problem in my slip.dip i havent
    tried 2.1.122 think i should try it?

    .oOo. .oOo.
    .OoO. .OoO.

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