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    SubjectRe: Comments on Microsoft Open Source document
    On Tue, Nov 03, 1998 at 10:02:40PM -0500, Matthew D. Pitts wrote:

    > "Linux = Best of Breed UNIX. Linux outperforms many other UNIX's in most
    > major performance category (networking, disk I/O, process ctx switch, etc.).
    > To grow their featurebase, Linux has also liberally stolen features of other
    > UNIX's (shell features, file systems, graphics, CPU ports)"

    so what? a) they did the same to 'us' b) no-one claimed any copyrights.

    > is most disturbing, mostly because it's not true. It has made me decide to

    What did you expect? MS is realizing what kind of a threat Linux is
    becoming, and they are starting to FUD us. Standard strategy.

    The trouble with Linux is that you really cannot attack anyone. Someone
    quoting ZD (or was it PC Week?) once said "Attacking the Linux community is
    rather like attacking Mother Theresa." Which is, after all, kind of true. :)

    > remove all Microsoft product from this particular computer as soon as
    > possible. It is unfortunate that Microsoft has decided to follow this kind
    > of path.

    It isn't the first time. The trouble is that this is a completely new kind
    of competition for Microsoft, which they (I hope) won't be able to cope with
    in the long term.

    a) There is no company to buy out
    b) There is no-one to sue
    c) There are no applications to refuse to port - Linux already has most
    of what it needs, growing
    d) FUD will be difficult, because there are no secrets

    But, it certainly won't be the last time Microsoft has started to FUD
    someone. I really HOPE they will hit the wall hard this time.

    _ciao, Jens_______________________________http://www.pinguin.conetix.de_
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    mount -t hdev /dev/human/mouth01 /mouth ; cat /cup >/mouth/gulp

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