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SubjectGURU needed: Linux vs. FreeBSD

Linux vs. FreeBSD: I wonder what kernel/OS is considered the best and most
stable to run on a high-loaded systems, such WWW/SQL/FTP/NEWS systems
with big traffic?

Actually I noticed many of well-known WWW/FTP sites are running
FreeBSD, much more of big ISPs in my area (Moscow, Russia) prefer FreeBSD for heavy
loaded sites too. I even heard real success stories of FreeBSD dual PPro
server runing about 1000 virtual sites with a peak load average of

So, what about Linux kernel? What do linux gurus think: is Linux a good
choice for a professional heavy-loaded WWW/SQL/FTP/NEWS system? Is it
stable if heavy-loaded? Any pointers to docs answering my question?

If speaking about my experience, we are a small ISP distributing our
services on many Linux boxes, so there are no experience of running
heavy-loaded systems, no problems. But I wonder what happens if I need a
stable solution for big traffic one day.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Ilia Zubkov,
Educational Network technical director

P.S. Sorry if this is considered an offtopic.

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