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    SubjectRe: GURU needed: Linux vs. FreeBSD
    On Nov 3,  4:32pm, Shawn Leas wrote:

    > Hotmail uses Linux for Web Serving, but Solaris for mail, though.
    > They think that Solaris's threading is better and suits sendmail
    > nicely or something to that effect.

    Sendmail tends to be pretty abusive on filehandles. Solaris seems to handle
    sendmail's Mai Lei file handle routines a wee bit better. (I have seen Linux
    kernels around 2.0.30 cough blood on large mailing lists by running out of all
    available file handles. It required a tweak to the kernel to get it to run
    right. (Doubling ND_OPEN if I remember correctly.) That seems to have been
    fixed in later kernels.)

    For a fun experiment try running the Perl5-Porters mailing list on a Linux box
    with bulk_mailer and Majordomo. Been there. Done that. Made the kernel
    actually not choke.

    Alan Olsen

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