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SubjectRe: unkown PCI device
In article <>,
Martin Mares <> wrote:
>> Sorry, I've just realized that it shouldn't have sent to the list because
>> /proc/pci is absolote in 2.1.x kernels, and other utilites like lspci
>> have user space solutions (/etc/pci.ids for example). Sorry again.
>> Btw : When /proc/pci will be removed from the kernel source ?
> Since several commercial X servers parse /proc/pci to get device addresses,
>we probably need to keep this interface in 2.2. If Linus agrees, I'll remove
>it at start of the 2.3 line.

This would be bad for the people who purchased these commercial X
servers, unless the companies providing these servers obligingly
provide free upgrades. If, instead, you rip all the vendor
and card IDs out of the kernel (or put them into a config option,
if the commercial servers require the actual text) and just have
the Unknown vendor Unknown device, the commercial servers will
be able to pick up the vendor and card ids (which I'd hope they're
doing now, but who knows) until the last ia32 architecture machine
rolls off to the junkyard.

david parsons \bi/ Please don't tweak the published interface.

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