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    SubjectRe: win chip???
    On Sun, Nov 29, 1998 at 12:10:39PM -0800, John Sanabria wrote:

    > This company,, have deal with Micro$oft, and only
    > Micro$oft's OS can support your hardware. They give technical
    > specifications at Microsuck or only Development partners.

    Last time I looked, there were people making PCTel based WinModems
    for the Macintosh, so it might be possible to persuade these people
    to release details...

    That said, everytime I've tried to contact them its gone to /dev/null
    so if someone live in their local area (408) and feels like giving
    them a few phone calls to chase this down it would be appreciated.

    Their phone nubmer is 408-965-2100


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