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SubjectRe: The history of the Linux OS
Hi there.

>> But we don't. 0.99.14, for example, is noticeably missing from
>> the list --- and I remember 0.99.14 very well because it was the
>> first kernel that was stable enough for production use by most
>> then Linuxers, marred only by small issues such as (IIRC) ATI and
>> S3 video cards vs. COM4. And it's right smack in the middle of the
>> list of released kernels.

> Ah yeah, the infamous COM4 bug with S3 chipsets. Seems some fuckwit
> used the usual COM4 I/O port as one of its I/O registers. Ahh, that
> particular chipset designer should have been taken out and made to
> use Microsoft products in eternity (with a Windows 95 Beta!).

I can't comment re the bug you mention since I've never experienced
it, but I can confirm that 0.99.14 (as well as the rest of the missing
0.99.* series) is now available from the kernel version history page
I've put up...

Best wishes from Riley.


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