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    SubjectRe: High UID support for Linux
    Date (Peter Benie) writes:

    |> H. Peter Anvin writes ("Re: High UID support for Linux"):
    |> > Followup to: <>
    |> > By author: (Peter Benie)
    |> > [snip - hack to get getpwuid(getuid()) to work.
    |> >
    |> > I don't think this is beneficial. Any uid/gid-aware program is going
    |> > to have to deal. There just isn't a way around it. Fortunately not
    |> > too many programs really care about uid/gid's.
    |> I strongly disagree. _Lots_ of programs care about _your_ home
    |> directory so they can look for configuration files and don't use uids
    |> for anything else.

    They will just use getenv("HOME"). No need for uid.

    Andreas Schwab "And now for something completely different"

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