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SubjectLinux Kernel Versions...
Hi Andrew.

>> What I'd like to see is some of the early releases of Linux, just
>> out of curiosity. Problem is, they all appear to be long since
>> filed in the old circular file...

> How old? The kernels, back to 1.0 are available on some ftp sites.
> has v1.0, v1.2.xx as well as current kernels.

I've now analysed and listed all the kernel tarballs I can find, and
put the results on my website - a link can be found from...

...pointing to it. However, in summary...

1. There is a tarball for the 0.99.1 kernel release on the SunSite
UK mirror of where, although the compression can
be removed, the resulting tarball is corrupt and unusable.

I would presume this to also relate to the copy on
that it's mirrored from, but can't get onto that site as it's
too busy at the moment...

2. Kernels between 0.02 and 0.09 appear not to have survived. This
gap covers a period of some three months in the kernel's history.

3. There appear to be no surviving tarballs of any of the 0.98
releases, or of most of the 0.99 releases. This gap covers a
period of some 10 months in the kernel's history.

4. Many of the 1.1 series kernels appear not to have survived,
judging by the release numbers that exist. However, it appears
that development was particularly fast at this stage, as it is
not unusual for ten patchlevels to appear within a week.

5. With the exception of kernel 1.3.1, all of the 1.2 and later
kernels appear to be available.


If you can locate any missing tarballs, please send me the URL where I
can lay my hands on them, and I'll add them to the list...

Best wishes from Riley.

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