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SubjectRe: kerneli blowfish/twofish compromised?

Steffen Grunewald wrote:

> |> > Is it legal to export the source code on paper in a non-text format?
> |> > eg: text with barcode down the side, barcode is what you actually read?
> |>
> |> Hmmm, maybe. Barcodes aren't the way to go of course. Blocks of itty-bitty
> |> little left and right slashes in two-dimensional fields pack a lot more
> |> information density.
> |>
> Some years ago, in Germany a computer magazine patented "The Paper Disk",
> a method to publish large (for that time) amounts of code in a machine
> readable form. Exactly how you describe it: rectangles filled with black

The key words are "machine-readable form" which is almost verbatim what
the regulations prohibit so even though it's on paper, I don't think it
would fly.

Chad Lewis
NaviSite - NAC
San Diego, CA
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