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SubjectRe: UDMA is NFG on Ultra33 (CMD646 in disguise)
Mark Lord wrote:
> Richard Fish wrote:
> >
> > My $.02:
> >
> > We have an AMD K6-2 300 machine here with a Promise Ultra33 and a Segate
> > Medalist Pro 7200rpm drive that does UDMA fine. I DID see the exact
> > same corruption that Mark is seeing, until I replaced the 24" cable with
> > a 12".
> >
> > Any chance of this being a drive/cabling issue?
> Ziltch. I (of all people) am most careful about this.

I realized AFTER I posted WHO I was talking to! Thank you for not
flaming me although you had every right to!

OTOH, maybe it will help somebody searching the archives 3 months from
now trying to figure out why they're getting UDMA corruption with a 24"
or 36" cable... ;->

Richard Fish Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc.
Software Developer 4014 E Broadway Rd Suite 405 Phoenix, AZ 85040
(602) 470-1115

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