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SubjectRe: history of libc
On Thu, Nov 26, 1998 at 11:13:26AM -0500, J. S. Connell wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Jakob 'sparky' Kaivo wrote:
> > appears that glibc 1.0 was released in 1992, while Linux began in 1991, so
> > I'm guessing that there was some other libc (minix?) before that. Also,
> > I'm not sure that libc5 was GNU libc, or something else. Usually when
> As far as I am aware, libc5 was not GNU, but instead H. J. Lu's brainchild.

libc4 and 5 were derived from GNU libc 1 (1.0.xx ... ?), but HJL put a lot
of work into it and there were a lot of differences to the original libc.
One can say that he greatly improved the libc with lots of features and
enhancements to take profit from the kernel's features. However, sometimes
the development was done a little bit too fast and some things were
supported in a non-portable or non-standard way. That's were some of the
libc5->libc6(=GNU libc 2) migration problems come from. Some problems, of
course, are because the glibc developers made decisions different from HJL
... (without any standard or portability issues).
AFAIK, HJL now works on glibc2, knfsd, binutils and egcs and probably on a
lot of other things, so he's still behind almost any program ...

I don't know about what was there before libc4, but HJL, Linus and the
others should know.

Kurt Garloff <> (Dortmund, FRG)
PGP key on

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