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SubjectRe: High UID support for Linux
In article <>,
Khimenko Victor <> wrote:
>25-Nov-98 10:55 you wrote:
>>>And at that point, they
>>>might as well just switch to glibc.
>> Get back to me when an a.out glibc that can fit on an install
>> floppy is written [2].
>> [1: and probably is.]
>> [2: libc 4.8.0 is 412 blocks long; if glibc is clocking in at
>> that size range, please let me know.]
>Libc 4.7.2 is 620K here, glibc 2.0.7 is 632K here. Not so big dfference to me
>(hint -- you do not need debug info in glibc library on installation floppy :-)

If you run a makehole program, it sucks 200k out of 4.8.0; I don't have
glibc 2.0.7 lying around, but I've had little luck pulling holes out
of other elf libraries (it's particularly annoying with libc 5.0.9,
because it's 560k, but it refuses to squeeze down below that point.
I've got about 120k free on an install floppy these days, but fully
expect that this happy state of affairs will come to a screeching
stop when I roll Mastodon up to a 2.2 kernel.

When I get the chance to build glibc, I'll see how amenable it is
being squeezed -- if that works, the post-millenia release of
Mastodon will become elf.

>And why you need a.out after all ???

Well, part if it is long-term reliability. I'm still crossing my
fingers that the glibc maintainers won't promiscuously hack at the
published interface, but while I'm waiting I can build all the
system programs against a.out libraries and know that some user
won't convert the system into a pile of nonfunctional debris by a
badly chosen upgrade.

david parsons \bi/ Of course by then everyone will have bootable CDs,
\/ which will make things a bit easier.

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