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    SubjectRe: APM "SuspendToDisk" implementation problem
    Mailing List Account writes:
    > On Sun, Nov 22, 1998 at 09:25:05AM +0000, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > > Where on disk does it suspend to?
    > Depends on the BIOS. Mine is configured via a little DOS proglet that
    > will dump either to a file on a FAT paritition or a raw paritition.

    What I would like to know is how this is all supposed to work. I tried
    a non-APM kernel on a Dell Inspiron 3200 and when I press the suspend
    button (actually a sensor to tell when the lid is closed), the system
    is suspended (I don't know whether it's to disc or RAM). When I
    release the button, the kernel resumes, but has lost time.

    When I switched to an APM kernel, pressing the suspend button suspends
    as expected, and when I release the kernel resumes, and it fixes up
    lost time. However, several seconds later the system suspends *again*
    (of it's own accord) and I have to press the power button to resume
    it. In the second suspend the kernel looses time.

    What gives?



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