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SubjectRe: RSBAC v1.0.6 for 2.1.128
I think this patch sounds worthwhile.  However, now the bad news.  You
may be familiar with the Wassenar list, which controls the export of
cryptographic products. Wassenar, unfortunately, also controls systems
implementing mandatory access controls, if they meet or exceed level B2
in the Orange Book.

The effect of this depends on your country. Just about all Western
countries implement Wassenar in some form. Some exempt products
transferred over the Internet, some don't. Some exempt PD and products
sold "over the counter"; some don't.

Pete Chown, email, phone +44 (0) 181 680 8393,
fax +44 (0) 181 680 8474, mobile +44 (0) 468 765 645,
post 58 Foss Avenue, Croydon, CR0 4EU, England

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