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    SubjectRe: Linux-2.1.129.. not quite 2.2 yet, I hope.
    From said:
    > In short, this is the much awaited perfect and bug-free release, and
    > the only reason I don't call it 2.2 is that I'm chicken.

    Are you serious?

    Outstanding problems with 2.1.129 (just those which have affected my sites
    this week - Alan's and Andrea have more):

    NFSd is still broken (I sent you patches, broken down for easy
    digestion. Please let me know if you want me to resend
    them, or if they are unacceptable please say why.

    You don't explicitly mention that the 'UP Flu' is fixed. Was
    that an omission in your mail or in the code?

    ISDN has important bugs and is, I believe, now older than the
    ISDN code in 2.0.36. Not only are there numerous bug fixes,
    but the HiSax driver in CVS now has telco approval (for
    certain cards), which is an important step forward.
    It may be best to sync with them before 2.2.

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