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SubjectRe: Linux-asm (was A patch for linux 2.1.127)
Quoting Albert D. Cahalan (

> putchar(0[hw]);
> hw=+1;

Is this just me or does this sound a tiny, little
bit like rpn? Or Australia. Just praise the
lords that nobody considered to use BCPL instead.

> No. Unics was designed for game play.

So Linux was the first system designed with actually
having applications in mind? I think Linus did it
to be able to play xbill.

> Remember that a performance advantage worth 1 year of hardware
> improvement won't just disappear after a year.

Since this "it isn't worth optimizing since in some
months processors catch up" issue appeared the second
time now, I want to say: Most users don't buy a new
box to run Linux on every few months, so this point
is senseless. IMHO, of course.

Trust no-one.

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