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SubjectRe: Linux-asm (was A patch for linux 2.1.127)
On 18-Nov-98 Richard B. Johnson wrote:
> Unix was built on a Digital PDP-11/34, using tools available
> in the RSX-11 Digital Operation system. Most of the 'hardware stuff'
> was done in DEC MACRO Assembly under RSX-11.
> 'C' came later.

that's not right

quote from BSTJ vol 57 no 6 july-august 1978:

"There have been four versions of the UNIX time-sharing system. The earliest
(circa 1967-70) ran on the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-7 and -9 computers.
The second ran on the unprotected PDP-11/20 computer. The third incorporated
multiprogramming and ran on the PDP-11/34, /40, /45. /60, and /70 computers..."

later on Ken and Dennis say:

"The first version was written when one of us (Thompson), dissatisfied with the
available computer facilities, discovered a little used PDP-7 and set out to
create a more hospitable environment. This (essentially personal) effort was
sufficiently successful to gain the interest of the other author and several
colleagues, and later to justify the aquisition of the PDP-11/20, specifically to
support and text editing and formatting system. When in turn the PDP-11/20 was
outgrown, the system had proven useful enought to pursuade management to invest in
the PDP-11/45, and later in the PDP-11/70 and Interdata 8/32 machines, upon which
it developed to its present form"

unix and c existed long before rsx-11 ever saw the light of day

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