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SubjectRe: Linux-asm (was A patch for linux 2.1.127)
Thus spake Peter Barada (
> First of all I'd recommend that you get a UID that is something
> besides 'root'. I don't think that you'd enjoy what 'rm -r /*' will do
> to your machine...

Actually, posting as root is in no way a sure sign that he actually
works as root. Maybe he patched his newsreader to annoy you.

> Second I'd recommend that you play in some higher languages unless you
> really want to get utterly lost optimizing functions that contribute
> 0/infinity to the overall processing time of a Linux system....

I really wonder what your problem is.

> Step back and look at the bigger picture or go apply for a job at Cisco...

One of the reasons that I use Linux is its high performance.
High performance is obtained by clever algorithms, sometimes by clever
assembly hacks. Since you offer no clue that you actually looked at his
code, what makes you think that it would not contribute anything?

Before you send others to Cisco, please go to Apple or Microsoft
yourself, where performance is unimportant and the bright programmers
are sent away.


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