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SubjectRe: Samba mounts?
17-Nov-98 17:21 you wrote:
> Forgive me for asking such a newbie question, but I couldn't find anything in
> Documentation/Changes.txt and Documentation/filesystem/smbfs.txt

> I have a RedHat 5.2 Intel machine, and booted with a 2.1.128. Although I have
> all the programs Changes.txt says I need, I can't seem to mount an SMB volume
> from an NT server. When I do, in /var/log/messages I see the message
> SMBFS: need mount version 6
> Well, I have the smbfs-2.0.1 rpm, and samba-1.9.18p10-3 rpm, and mount version
> 2.8a. What do I have to do to get mount version 6?

Recompile samba :-)) smbmount "version 6" is included in latest versions of
samba (AFAIK 1.9.18pl10 is new enough) but of course is not included in RedHat
rpm (it's not compatible with 2.0.x kernels :-)

> Just for the hell of it, I changed SMB_MOUNT_VERSION to 5 in smb_mount.h, and
> recompiled and rebooted, but now when I try to mount the smbmount it appears
> to succeed, but then I get
> smb_retry: no connection process
> seconds later.

> Thank you for not flaming the hell out of me - I used to follow bleeding edge
> kernels (0.99pl14a-?, for example) but I haven't for a while.

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