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Subject[OFFTOPIC] Re: elevator algorithm bug in ll_rw_blk.c
On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Riley Williams wrote:
> I think there's some confusion over the term 'elevator' in this
> discussion, so let me clarify the two possible definitions please:
> 1. US definition: An elevator is a cage suspended on ropes that
> moves up or down a vertical shaft depending on the whims of
> the people in it. Known as a 'lift' in Europe.

Actually, many elevators (on buildings up to three or four stories
tall, anyway) don't suspend the elevator from above. Rather, they
push it from below with a big hydraulic cylinder (OK, it's not
hydraulic--it uses some other liquid, but I can't spell that, so
I went with hydraulic :-) ).

> 2. European definition: An elevator is a set of stairs that move
> up or down (as set) continuously, with passengers stepping on
> at one end and off at the other without having to move in
> between. They are usually installed in pairs, one going each
> way. I don't know what this is called in the USA.

An escalator. If you manage to get caught on one of the steps when it
tries to go under the thingy at the top or bottom, this is called
"ingestion". I find it kind of frightening that there have apparently
been enough accidents to require escalator people to have a special
name for people getting sucked into the things!

--Tim Smith

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