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SubjectRe: fs inode lookup
In message <74yA6Ko$>, A. Ott writes:
| For consistency checks in RSBAC I am looking for a way to lookup (or at
| least check existence of) fs inodes on devices.

Gak! RSBAC is likely to be rather incompatible with AFS in that case...
inodes are kludged to make Unix happy; the AFS "address space" uses 4-tuples
which are much larger than an inode number and there is no usable device
number. Which means that inode numbers are often duplicated. I recently
saw a bug report about Solaris, which assumes it can treat
device/i-number pairs as unique when it's literally impossible to produce a
unique ID for an AFS file which will fit into a device/i-number pair, so it
gets confused if two different shared libraries in an AFS volume get hashed
to the same i-number.

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