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SubjectRe: Penguin logo and scrollback
In lists.linux.kernel you write:


>> I just got 2.1.129-pre2 with the Matrox framebuffer device, and I have
>> two questions about it, which I do not seem to be able to find docs for:
>> 1. The penguins are somewhat neat, but they make scrollback of the
>> bootup messages impossible (all you see is a pair of penguin
>> heads.) This is, IMNSHO, not acceptable. How do I make this more
>> reasonable?

>Scrollback is not there because scrollback is vga text-mode
>hack. Penguin logo does not do anything with it.

Scrollback is available for fbcon too, if the framebuffer driver supports
panning. matroxfb does. With the penguin logo it does'nt work due to the
splitted screen. A "nologo" bootoption would be nice.


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