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SubjectRe: new processes very slow on otherwise responsive system (2.1.127 and 128)
On Sat, 14 Nov 1998, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

> >on both 2.1.127 and 2.1.128, heavy exec() (with a fair bit of I/O)
> >seems to cause the system to go into a busy wait state. during this
> >time, it is difficult/impossible/very slow to launch any new
> >processes.
> Could you try again on my tree
> and feedback?
> I changed schedule_timeout() to avoid inserting the timeout timer if the
> function is been recalled by a proces in in TASK_RUNNING state. That make
> tons of sense. schedule_timeout() will also log if it's been recalled with
> a state != TASKrunning or != TASK interruptible.

I just tried 2.1.129pre1 + arca-19 (less the lp stuff that got rejected),
and I was able to replicate this problem with the kernel compiled to UP.
It just happened 30 seconds ago, actually, and lasted for about 3 minutes.
During this time, I filled every console I have with current IP values,
which I will be looking at shortly to see if I can see where the loop is.

BTW...I triggered this with:

find usr -type f -print | tmp/fork-test 2

("fork-test" posted on linux-kernel not so long ago)

And it started to freeze up shortly after 11800 children.

I will send another email if/when I can figure out what is happening.


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