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SubjectRe: Something wrong with scheduler in linux 2.1.127/2.1.128
Michael H. Warfield
> 2.1.126 - Problem not seen - SMP disabled
> 2.1.127pre2 - Problem not seen - SMP disabled
> 2.1.127pre3 - Not seen but sched.c bombs gcc with segv with SMP disabled
> 2.1.127pre7 - Can compile with SMP disabled, problem first noticed...
> 2.1.127 - Problem present - SMP disabled, SMP enabled not tested.
> 2.1.128 - Problem present - SMP disabled, SMP enabled under test NOW.

I can't say anything about 2.1.127 (I skipped it), but I'm having some
scheduler problems too (I assume shed) on my 486dx2-66 (UP, SMP
disabled) 128 kernel.

After a fresh boot, X-Windows starts up (XDM), I log in, fire up an
xterm, and do a `tar -zxvf foo' or `tar -Ixvf foo' (doesn't matter), and
the tar/{g,b}zip combo runs really slowly. The rest of the system seams
to be normal (or mostly so, not sure). This is within 5-10 minutes of
booting. Prior to booting (when I first noticed the problem), I ran top
and found that tar/gzip were using < 10% cpu (only X going otherwise).
Running `procinfo -dn1' showed idle at 90-97%. I went back to 126 and
something similar (tar/bzip2) and user was 50-90% (ie user/system/idle
etc made sense).

Leave others their otherness.

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