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SubjectRe: 2.1.128 Lock
Tom Rini enscribed thusly:
> A simple fix (for me anyhow) was to compile as SMP. Seems to happen just
> as pid number is about to roll over. Possibly some of the jiffies changes
> broke something?

I'm not so sure about the pid roll over... I've got one system
that I've been watching closely with and SMP disabled 2.1.128 kernel that
has rolled over the PIDS at least once without triggering the meltdown.
On the workstation where I've managed to slam into it most often, it seems
to be triggers by surges in load average. I say that because it ususally
happens when I've just don't something that I would expect to cause the
load average to briefly jump, except the jump just goes on and on and on...

I wouldn't rule out something related to PIP rollovers, I just
don't think it's quite the whole answer...

So far, my SMP build is tooling along just fine. 12 hours running
so far and no load average anonmolies...

> ---
> Tom Rini (TR1265)

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