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Subject[PATCH] Oops in framebuffer code.

With vesafb in 2.1.127, there's no fb_pan_display routine set, but fbmem.c
tries to call it upon a FBIOPAN_DISPLAY ioctl without first checking that it's
present. Not good.

Patch not compiled or tested, and it's probably in vger anyway, but what the

--- fbmem.c.orig Fri Nov 13 02:20:06 1998
+++ fbmem.c Fri Nov 13 02:20:43 1998
@@ -355,7 +355,7 @@
if (copy_from_user(&var, (void *) arg, sizeof(var)))
return -EFAULT;
- if ((i=fb->fb_pan_display(&var, PROC_CONSOLE(), info)))
+ if (fb->fb_pan_display && (i=fb->fb_pan_display(&var, PROC_CONSOLE(), info)))
return i;
if (copy_to_user((void *) arg, &var, sizeof(var)))
return -EFAULT;

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