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    SubjectRe: .wav output and SB16

    Zlatko Calusic wrote:

    > And who is talking about cating files to devices?
    > We have a real application problem here, and it took me some hours to
    > resolve it. SBFDX produces trouble, that's for sure. Try it
    > yourself. Run Quake2 (probably also Quake) on 2.1.125 and 2.1.126.
    > Can you hear a difference?

    Yes I hear it myself. But the original poster of this thread was talking about
    catting au and wav files to /dev/dsp. He wasn't using any kind of program and
    he expected his 16 bit file to be played as 8 bit and still get some nice

    And to remove full duplex support, there is no need to unpatch the whole
    support but just to remove the line that says:

    devc->duplex = ( devc->dma8 != devc->dma16 && devc->dma16 != -1 )

    That will make the driver behave as usual. This is so, as one of my goals when
    creating the patch was to remain compatible with the old behaviour ( apart from

    the direct mmap problem ).


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