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SubjectRe: A patch for linux 2.1.127
> It is thoretically possible to convert correct code to GNU `as` junk,
> however, the damn thing doesn't even do MACROs so if I am going to

Of course it doesn't do macros, this is unix. There's a perfectly good
set of preprocessors that do macros, why should gnu as be another one to
have its own different magical interpreter

> want to use another tool. It also doesn't know how to write
> a byte to a memory location, i.e., it doesn't know about the PTR
> expression to tell it whether to write a byte, a word, or a longword
> to a memory location when you do something like:

of course it does - movb, movw, movl, and furthermore because it follows
a cross platform standard I can read non x86 stuff easily. It took me about
3 days to get the hang of gnu assembler while writing the original linux/smp
boot code


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