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SubjectRe: include file conflict
Followup to:  <>
By author: (Guest section DW)
In newsgroup:
> Anyone who includes <linux/foo.h> will be punished for that.
> Unfortunately, glibc itself also includes some Linux header files.
> Fortunately, the amount of Linux headers involved in glibc includes
> diminishes quickly.
> For you, there are several options. An easy one is to have /usr/include/linux
> point at a kernel tree that has nothing to do with 2.1.125, but is one that
> works with glibc. After all, glibc cannot know what strange things kernel
> developers will think of, and kernel developers do not want to know all
> about glibc's needs. Take an old and trusted tree, a 2.0.* one that existed
> at the time this glibc was released, and there are good chances that it
> will work fine (unless of course you are compiling programs that need to
> use the latest features, and some handwork is required).

I think there are legitimate uses for the <linux/*.h> style headers,
even within glibc. For example <linux/auto_fs.h> contains the
communications protocol which the kernel uses to talk to the autofs

However, kernel headers should use #ifdef __KERNEL__ for most things
and only export things that are truly needed in user space.

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