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SubjectRe: TCP, congestion window & retransmission
On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, David S. Miller wrote:

>traces I had while I did most of my TCP output engine rewrite. I
>always kept forgetting to go back and see if it was correct to do slow
>start or not during timeout based recovery.

According to the RFC2001 in case of duplicate acks or timeout TCP has to
do slow-start until TCP has not the congestion window open to the value of
sstresh (set to max(cwnd/2,1) before -> at timeout time). When the
congestion window is >= sstrash, TCP must go in congestion avoidance
incrementing cwnd of segsize*segsize/cwnd and at most incrementing of 1
unit every RTT (this way cwnd increase liner and not exponential).

Andrea Arcangeli

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