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SubjectRe: File locking problem with knfsd and IRIX
On Mon, 09 Nov 1998 18:39:40 EST, "Ben 'The Con Man' Kahn" wrote:
> But wait a minute. I noticed places in the code which checks for
> special cases like HP-UX. Now we'll have a new special case for 4byte
> cookies only for Irix. If these can be any size up to 1024bytes,
> shouldn't that be handled?

No. The size of the cookie is basically an implementation feature. With
4 byte cookies we've covered quite a number of client/server OS
combinations. Along comes IRIX with 8 bytes. So what? I don't expect a lot
more surpises in that area.

The NLM protocol is difficult enough in itself, and hard enough to make
compatible with both the OpenGroup doc and Sun's ``golden standard''
implementation at the same time. I don't see why any sane engineer should
take the pains of using XXL cookies.

> I would love to be able to fix this problem, but I'm not confident
> in my abilities to make this change. (Also, I don't have access to a
> machine which I can reboot very often, nor one that I can make unstable
> through mistakes.)

Well, you did the other patch. Doing this one should be merely a job
of grep and a little care:-)

Olaf Kirch | --- o --- Nous sommes du soleil we love when we play | / | \ sol.dhoop.naytheet.ah

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