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SubjectRe: include file conflict
    From: Oliver Seidel <>

I got myself the 2.1.125 kernel about a week ago. Unfortunately, I need a
little program, "p3nfsd", which reads the memory of my psion organizer and
makes its contents available as an NFS drive locally. The compilation
process generates hundreds of errors, reporting redefinitions and
inconsistencies of symbols between /usr/include/linux/wait.h and
/usr/include/waitflags.h, etc.

I have a redhat 5.1 installation with glibc-2.0.7-19.

Could anyone here please point me to some documentation on how this is
meant to be? Eg, should I replace the linux headers, should I replace the
glibc headers, is it not meant to work, will I need to do some serious
hacking to fix it and contribute the result back to you, or how else
could I get this resolved?

Anyone who includes <linux/foo.h> will be punished for that.

Unfortunately, glibc itself also includes some Linux header files.
Fortunately, the amount of Linux headers involved in glibc includes
diminishes quickly.

For you, there are several options. An easy one is to have /usr/include/linux
point at a kernel tree that has nothing to do with 2.1.125, but is one that
works with glibc. After all, glibc cannot know what strange things kernel
developers will think of, and kernel developers do not want to know all
about glibc's needs. Take an old and trusted tree, a 2.0.* one that existed
at the time this glibc was released, and there are good chances that it
will work fine (unless of course you are compiling programs that need to
use the latest features, and some handwork is required).

By the way, where is <linux/wait.h> included??
(It does not occur in my glibc includes.)
If it is from the source of your program, the first line of my answer applies.
Throw it out immediately.

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