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    SubjectUnixPTY: running problems?
    Hi kernel-programmers!

    I'm now using Linux for about one and a half years. Up to now, I was always
    able to solve my problems on my own, but with this problem, I currently have, I
    can not cope with.
    I'm using the experimental version of the kernel [currently it is 2.1.125].
    Some time before I used 2.1.110 (around this kernel). In this there was no
    Unix98 support. When I updated to 2.1.125 I enabled the new Unix98-PTY-support
    without really knowing what it means. To my shame I must confess that I didn't
    read the manuals carefully enough so that I could understand what I'm enabling
    there. Well - obviously I enabled it, but I didn't update my libraries etc.
    The thing went as it must go: Almost no connection was possible via the
    network. Not realizing this problem (I did not often use the TCP/IP), I worked
    on and on, but some time later I reread the Documentation/Changes file and
    there suddently I realized what's going on. Not wanting to update my libraries
    I recompiled my kernel disabled devpts and unix98. But this had not had the
    wished result: Still any telnet session leads to an "Connection refused" with
    the error message "telnetd: All network ports in use". lpd and some other
    programs are having problems, too, mentioning the same error messages.
    Reading the documentation again, I found out that this problem was already
    discussed. So I enabled Unix98 again, started devpts and doing everything that
    is descibed in the Documentation/Changes. But this did not have any success
    So I dediced some time to the update of my libraries, too. There I experienced
    another problems so that I was not able to update the library to glibc6.

    So far I tried it on my own. But now, it seems to me that I'm not able to get
    my Linux server running again. But there's a funny aspect, too: in my near
    there's another Linux server running 2.1.125 too without Unix98. There is no
    problem at all! Everything works good and telnet is running fine.

    As I do not need the huge amount of 256 clients (on rush hours I have 2 or 3
    clients logged in that machine), it would be the best that the old system of
    pty's would run again.

    Did anybody have this or a related problem, too? Any suggestions/hints?

    If my mail is offtopic, can anyone tell me a mailinglist where this issue is

    Thanks for your help!


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