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SubjectRe: Another dead horse to beat upon (building 2.0.28 with egcs)
On 8 Oct 1998, david parsons wrote:

> For bizarre and complex application-related reasons, one of my clients
> has reached a point where they need to start building their modified
> kernel with a less-buggy compiler than 2.7.2. We cannot change to a
> 2.1.x kernel, for size and customization reasons (this kernel has 3
> months of tcp customization in it to support transparent proxies as well
> as cleanups of tcp buglets), and I know that the 2.0.2x kernels Just
> Won't Work with egcs, so we'll have to fix it. (This is not a problem,

???? I've been compiling 2.0.36pre kernels and 2.1.12x kernels just fine
with egcs-1.03. Am I missing something, or is this a problem with a later
version of egcs?

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