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SubjectRe: PCI Sanity check breaks on Compaw Deskpro XL 590
On Tue, 6 Oct 1998, Martin Mares wrote:

> * This should be close to trivial, but it isn't, because there are buggy
> - * chipsets (yes, you guessed it, by Intel) that have no class ID.
> + * chipsets (yes, you guessed it, by Intel and Compaq) that have no class ID.

Come on, this is not a bug. These devices simply predate PCI 2.0 which
defined the well known class codes. Before this, there were only two
codes -- one for VGA devices and the other one for the rest.

One of such examples is the ancient i82378ZB PCI-ISA bridge which is
commonly used on Alpha systems. Fortunately, the concept of vendor and
device IDs existed since the beginning, so these devices may be easily

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