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SubjectRe: Linux-2.1.125 ... pre-2.2 imminent
On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Anyway, that means that the last of my personal show-stopper bugs in 2.1.x
> seems to be finally history. I still expect to sync up with Alan Cox's
> patches in particular, but I'm mentally getting ready for a real 2.2.

> Go forth, multiply, and fill the earth,

I did a few compiles on a few machines, here are the results :
* on my home K6/240, it runs fine except that booting "vga=791" as I did
with <=2.1.119 boots with a black screen in (probably) graphics mode.
Sounds like something got broken in vesafb in the meantime.
* The Big Bad Lockup lurking in dquota surfaced again on a K6/200
server/router, despite Bill Hawes' big cleanup (too bad, it really looked
like it had vanished) : "quotacheck -av", "passwd foo" and "/sbin/lilo"
are still the usual offenders, and lock on "wait_for_dquota" with the
usual symptoms (skyrocketing loadavg, and no way to kill the processes)
* IPChains and the DHCP server are still mutually exclusive. Whether
this is a bug or a feature or an unfortunate but permanent situation has
not been documented under my eyes until now, so I assume this is a bug (if
I'm wrong, feel free to mail me for the ICBM coordinates)
* The office box, designated as "devfs guinea pig" is still running
2.1.124/v65 (why in the hell hasn't devfs been included yet ? If people
don't want to use it, they just have to reply "no" in the xconfig). Its
3c503 does however exhibit a really strange behaviour : whenever a TCP/IP
connection is established, there's usually a 15-to-50 second delay before
the connection actually goes live. For http stuff, it's not really a
problem, but I hate typing my password that fast.
The problem seems to be even more acute when the remote system is one of
the above mentioned linux boxen (the K6s, which use the cheapest NE2KPCI I
could find), but it still happens when the target is a Solaris box.
* 2.1.125 at last compiled on a SparcIPX (but as I messed up the /boot
and /silo.conf without having a boot disk handy at 18:35, I'll have to
wait for Monday to see whether the beast boots)
* My backbone hurts like hell, yet the scrums weren't pushed yesterday.
Ooops, wrong forum. <grin />

-- Cyrille

Zog Zog

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