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SubjectRe: Linux Compliance to standards Questions
> : 1.  I am formally testing a system and need to show that RedHat Linux
> : TCP follows the appropriate RFC standard. Does anyone know where any
> : documentation stating this fact can be found.

There is no written RFC standard for TCP. There are set of recommendations
and those are currently being revised. IP and the IP routing are more
formally specified but RFC1122 is basically the only document that is
really a specification of what a TCP/IP host should do. Its also woefully
out of date.

The tcp-impl working group is coming to an end of its project documenting
the extensions and changes that are not very formally written up and also
common bugs in TCP stacks.

Its also technically wrong to claim compliance to the older specifications
since some aspects of them contradict with newer improved standards (eg
RFC1337 conflicts with the original TCP RFC by changing a state machine
step, but this is neccessary to fix a bug). How many vendors claim compliance
to conflicting specs - most 8)

> : 2. Also I need to show that RedHat is Posix compliant. The
> : documentation I have found states that it is Posix based but not

Which POSIX standards in paticular - I assume .1 and .2 ?

> The Linux kernel has not had a test (for what I know) for some time,
> so it might be a good time to redo them.

I doubt the kernel is terribly close right now. They do want redoing. The
LSB has this on its longer term list.

> Once you have succeeded with the test suite, you need to have the tests
> redone by an independent testing lab to get certified.
> Unfortunately, this did cost some thousand $$$, when Unifix did that.

This policy has changed I believe all you now have to do for POSIX.1 is
pass the test suite and thats it


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