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Subject(dumb?) idea for kernel oops...
I was thinking about when the kernel hangs or otherwise dies with an
oops...what's to keep it from saving the crash info in a known memory
location and restarting the kernel from scratch? Its dead anyway, so
its not like you're going to lose any information...but you might be
able to save some.

When the kernel is starting up, it could check the "i'm rebooting from a
hang" flag and do some cleanups (possibly). Things like adding crash
messages to the log would be good, as well as possibly saving data in
the caches. If the kernel doesn't come all the way back up, it would
have to die, but if it did come up, the flag could be cleared, and the
system would be available for inspection.

Dumb idea? It would make life easier for those of us who administer
machines from a distance (Don't need to be there to reboot), and would
probably be a boost to Linux's availablity rating...

Brian Wheeler

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