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SubjectRE: need filetype field in directory entries
This is something an application can handle fine ala magic. If you are
referring to file browsing, then the browser, too, can examine the
first few bytes of a file to determine the file type. Not to knock the
idea of having that all information pre-indexed to expedite a
file-system GUI or other app, but it's not really necessary.

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH wrote:
> In message <>, "Johan M=
> Andersen
> " writes:
I think it would be nice if I could do something to temporarily conside=
r a certain
file to have a certain type.=A0 In reiserfs style (as I understand it),=
this might
look something like
display random-image.gif/text
text being a pseudofile (I would call it a member function) whose conte=
references random-image's but whose returned filetype is text, so that =
display,=A0 a
generic displayer, will display the image as an ascii dump, which can b=
e very
useful (esp with FITS files, etc.)

Justin "Logic" Randall
Programmer, Networking
Ion Storm
214-953-0101 x205

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