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    SubjectRe: CVS server for linux kernel [was Re: Kernel 2.0.36pre11 uploaded]
    Alan Cox wrote:

    > Linus does have some good reasons for not liking CVS in that CVS has
    > no real control by 'area'. It lacks the ability to easily say things like
    > xyz has remote cvs access to drivers/sound/*, and to include/linux/sound.h
    > but if its the latter notify me.

    Apart from the notification, surely this can be done at the back-end level
    with file permissions (ideally ACLs even 8) ?

    In its simplest form CVS is just a front-end to RCS which is just a local
    file management thing, and affected by file permissions. I know that a
    lot of CVS setups do away with people actually having user accounts (and
    distinct UIDs) on the server, but surely people trusted to alter lumps of
    the kernel can be allowed a shell (or at least a UID) on some central box?


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