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    Subjectumsdos & initrd / 2.0.35

    i am trying to automatically install a small distribution via
    network and continue booting via the umsdos pseudo root.

    If i do this with an full ext2 partition this works fine but on umsdos
    i get (hand written)

    UMSDOS Beta 0.6 (compatibility level 0.4, fast msdos)
    VFS: Mounted root (umsdos filesystem) readonly.
    Trying to unmount old root ... <3>error -16
    Change root to /initrd: error -2
    Unable to open initial console


    This is all Kernel 2.0.35 - id like to try 2.0.36pre but currently i cant
    find the pre patches .. (* unresolvable)

    It seems to me that this is an umsdos/initrd bug but maybe someone else
    knows more ...

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