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SubjectRe: Problems with X and SB under 2.1.126
On Oct 30,  2:50pm, James King wrote:
> Subject: Problems with X and SB under 2.1.126
> Hey all, forgive me if this has already been answered and I simply
> missed it.
> I'm running the 2.1.126 kernel, with no patches (except the one in
> acct.c that fixed the typo...;), and now nothing under X works. I get
> the xdm root window up, but the stderr keeps spitting out "Socket()
> failed" and "can't open socket for local", or somthing to that effect
> (please forgive me, I'm at work right now, far from my computer). Either
> way, no X clients (most importantly, the KDE display manager so I can
> login) come up. Any ideas as to what's wrong?
> Also, I'm running a Packard Bell POS (I know...but it was cheap and I'm
> a college student.) Either way, it has a "SoundBlaster Compatible" sound
> card. Well, it isn't SB-compatible. It's PnP. I've tried using the
> various PnP tools that came with joy. Any ideas?

What version of gcc are you using? I have seen this behaviour with gcc 2.8.x.
gcc 2.7.x and before work fine, but the 2.8.x versions seem to do something
that X just does not like.

Alan Olsen

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