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    Subjectifconfig weirdness on axp 2.1.126
    I'm running vanilla 2.1.126 on a dec lx164 (600MHz alpha axp/
    512Mb RAM etc etc), compiled w/egcs-1.1b. Runs absolutely wonderfully
    but I've noticed a strange occurrance with ifconfig...
    When I run ifconfig I get something like the following:
    lo <snip>
    RX packets:4 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0
    TX packets:0 errors: 322 dropped:4 overruns:0
    eth0 <snip>
    RX packets: 2944 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0
    TX packets:0 errors: 66057 dropped: 984 overruns:0

    Now this looks quite bad for transmitting packets, but the network card
    is actually running fine. Looking at /proc/net/dev shows the right
    figures in
    the right places. Any ideas what could be causing it? I did have a spot
    disk corruption a few weeks ago (whilst running a very bastardised
    which screwed around with the shared libraries, but I thought i'd
    resolved it.
    Go back to my 'stock' 2.0.35 kernel and it's okay too. Any ideas anyone?


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