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SubjectParts ^W Linux is Linux
According to Trever Adams:
> Is Linux Linux? Or are we going to pull a Linux is Linux but this and
> that syscall are not available on this or that platform so developers
> need to know which platform they are on?

You ought to check over the syscall lists for various architectures.
They're not as unified as you seem to think.

> [If] you are going to have a major syscall on several platforms (I
> imagine Sparc/UltraSparc isn't the only one), you need to have it on
> all.

Not necessarily. Sometimes libc is the right place for that kind of

#ifdef i386
return 4096;
return sys_getpagesize();

That said ... I happen to like sysconf() infinitely more than a unique
system call for just one system characteristic.
Chip Salzenberg - a.k.a. - <>
"... under cover of afternoon in the biggest car in the county?!" //MST3K

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