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    SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] UltraSparc MMU problems
       Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 21:35:16 +1100
    From: Richard Gooch <>

    David S. Miller writes:
    > Solaris's TLB miss strategy is pretty hopeless...

    What does the OS have to do with it? Once the TLB's are set up, why
    does the OS need to intervene?

    If the OS uses a stupid scheme to replace a missing TLB entry and uses
    inefficient tables as backing store for mappings, it will thrash the
    L2 cache.

    Note that Solaris and some other svr4 folks swap page tables out to
    disk when memory is tight... when they get tapped back in you might
    not get the nice cache patterns you had before...

    BTW: we have FORE systems ATM cards in these machines, so that
    probably rules out Linux anyway :-(

    We have half-way done drivers for those, but there is still a lot of
    work to do. Actually if I remember correctly, these cards are very
    similar to the one's Werner Almesberger wrote drivers for in the
    Linux/ATM project. His were PCI but the chipsets are the same as the
    SBUS ones on Sparc systems.

    David S. Miller

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