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    SubjectKernel Panic 2.0.30 with spurious interrupt on AIC-7770-Twin Channel
    I have a brand new Intel XLCBASE8TE8FS which comes with zip except a
    chassis, power supply and motherboard but on the MB is an embedded
    AIC7XXX dual-channel chipset. I've added the process, IDE drives, SCSI
    CD, RAM, and a diskette and everytime I try an initial boot off the SW
    installation set using SCSINET.S, is reports seeing the seeing the
    aic7xxx chip set, enables the channels even though I'm only using
    channel A, resets the bus, and then moments later I see :

    aic7xxx: (aix7xxx_isr) Encountered spurious interrupt.
    scsi0: BRKADRINT error (0x1):
    Illegal Host Access
    Kernel Panic: scsi0: BRKADRINT, error 0c1, seqaddr 0x0

    and the system halts. I've tried swapping out the CD with another and a
    hard drive, because ultimately I want them on-line too, but regardless
    of the SCSI device, I get the same exact error. I don't think channel B
    has anything to do with it, and to confirm that I tried terminating the
    bus and then I disabled the channel in BIOS, neither attempts altered
    the results, still a panic.

    This does not appear to be a new issue as I have seen posting for both
    SW and Debian from others experiencing the same error with similar
    configurations, but none of the postings has any accompanying



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