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SubjectRe: Directory name problem...
On Sun, 25 Oct 1998, Clifford Wolf wrote:

>> > % Already tried, and he's not interested, but I did find out what script
>> > % he's using...
>> >
>> > % Q> #!/bin/sh
>> > % Q> XYZZY="`find / -name core`"
>> > % Q> for LOOP in `find $XYZZY | sort -ru` ; do
>> > % Q> rm -fr $LOOP
>> > % Q> done
>> You know, interesting things will happen when he runs that script
>> and there are *not* any files named core around...
>Here you see that his son is using solaris (or is just a little stupid
>boy - probably both?). The Solaris find gives an error message to stdout
>if there is no argument - for the GNU find this is an alias for 'find .'
>Anyway - I don't wonder that a 14 years old boy writes such a code (I've
>seen a basic program I wrote for the C64 as I was 9 a few days before. It
>is a horrible code too.) - I just _really_ wonder how an admin of a server
>(does he really get money for this?) can _use_ such a code ...

What piques my interest is why in the hell a sys-admin of *ANY*
system including a private home workstation would use a script
written by a 14 year old in the first place. Shit, even if
Linus, Alan, or practically anyone else on this list sent me a
script for something that was going to run as root, I would be
scanning it for possible security holes. It is all too easy to
write a bad script and open up a system. Letting 14 year olds do
your work for you, is a damned good way to end up unemployed.

Mike A. Harris - Computer Consultant - Linux advocate

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