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SubjectHang during boot with "Spurious APIC interrupt, ayiee, should never happen" above linux-2.1.85
To see related files look at:

Linux Bug Report

Hang with Spurious APIC interrupt, ayiee, should never happen above
linux 2.1.85


Around Feb, 1998 I mailed the linux-kernel mailing list reporting a
problem with a dual Intel Pentium-pro that would hang with kernels
later than 2.1.85. Nothing seemed to help....

I just recently tried 2.1.125 ...the problem still exists.


I've tried using gcc version, 2.8.0, and 2.8.1 and I don't
seem to get any differences. The dmesg files below show the version
used for that specific boot but the results don't seem to vary.


I'm not sure what the next step to take next.

Related files

linux-2.1.85 related files

dmesg boot
lspci -v output
mptable output

linux-2.1.125 related files

dmesg boot

Jeffrey E. Hundstad
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